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Reverend Kim Tavendale is an ordained minister & wedding officiant serving the greater Boulder & Denver metro areas.
Services include weddings, vow renewals, commitment ceremonies, civil unions, gay weddings, handfastings, baby blessings, house blessings and remembrance services.
Non-denominational, inter-faith, spiritual & secular services. LGBT friendly.

There are so many reasons to celebrate in life, whether it's moving into a new home, or the joy of a child or pet. For those who do not belong to a particular church or faith, it can be difficult to mark the occasion in a way that feels comfortable, and so, I offer blessings and ceremonies that can be customised to suit you to celebrate these wonderful happenings!
If there is a particular spiritual, cultural or religious rite or ritual you would like to incorporate into your blessing or ceremony, please just let me know. The whole idea is to celebrate in the way that makes your day memorable and unique. Please also check the FAQ page for answers to common questions, or if you have any questions or need more information please contact me.

A baby blessing, baptism, christening or child naming ceremony helps you truly celebrate the arrival of your child, whether by birth or adoption, and give thanks for the miracle of life. It enables you to formally welcome your child into the family, faith, and wider community. This beautiful event creates the potential for all those present to open their hearts and express their wishes and blessings for your child and their life to come.
It is also an opportunity to support the mother and father in their role as parents and acknowledge the sacred role of grandparents, godparents and guardians in offering their love, acceptance and wisdom to the new generation. Godparents or guardians may be appointed to help guide and teach your child on their life journey.
The ceremony enables significant family members and friends to be included in this process. It is a wonderful way of involving other children from the family in welcoming their new sister or brother into the world. Ceremonies can also be created for older children or to welcome an adopted child into his or her new family.
A baby naming ceremony can include the following:
  • The introduction, giving of the child's name, and blessing of the child
  • Outline of responsibilities for parents and their commitment to the child
  • Godparents' commitment to the child and their responsibilities
  • Inclusion of the Grandparents
  • Poems and readings – read either by the celebrant, parent or friend
  • Certificate presentation for baby, godparents and grandparents if desired.

A home is far more than just a physical building. It is our place of refuge after a long day, a warm and relaxing place to enjoy time with our family and friends, and for many, an outlet for our handyman and decorating passions.
Throughout the world, many religions and cultures hold ceremonies to bless a house, to ensure the residents have a long and happy life in that home. Many people are familiar with the 'house warming' party, where guests bring thoughtful gifts for the home and its owners to create a warm and positive start to their new home.
A house blessing can take several forms, from a cleansing of energy prior to move-in, to a ceremony of thanks once settled. The ceremony can be formal, like a wedding or baby blessing, or more informal, like a party, and can use Christian elements of prayer and holy water, or spiritual blessings and smudging with sage. A house blessing or cleansing can be performed after an upheaval, such as a death or divorce, to clear out any negative energy and restore harmony in the dwelling.

For many people, a family member can also be four-legged, furry, swimming or feathered! A pet blessing can welcome a new pet into the family, celebrate a name change, give thanks to your pet for their companionship, or be a ceremony to say goodbye to a faithful friend who has passed.
Ceremonies for pets can include Christian elements, such as the blessing of St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals on October 4th (his feast day), or be more secular or spiritual in nature. Just as each pet is unique, pet ceremonies can be customised to incorporate all the elements that are meaningful to you and your family to celebrate your friend.

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