Honouring those who have passed from our lives...

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Losing a loved one - a family member, a spouse or partner, a friend, or a pet - is a very difficult time for those left behind. Remembrance services, such as funerals and memorials, give us a time to remember the person who has passed with tears and laughter, and to be thankful for the time we spent with them. It is an opportunity to celebrate their life, their achievements, and to grieve for the loss of them in our lives.
Remembrance services can be religious, non-denominational, interfaith, spiritual or secular in nature. It is important to incorporate all the meaningful elements - the prayers, songs, readings and words from the hearts of those who knew and loved the departed best, and to be respectful of their final wishes. Funeral and memorial services can be fully customised to reflect the spirit of the person and their wishes.
Funerals, memorials and remembrance services can be held at many types of locations, from chapels to funeral parlours, crematoriums to event venues, memorial parks or gardens, private homes, or at the gravesite. Some choose a favoured spot, such as a beach or river, to sprinkle the ashes of their loved one. I am available to travel to the location of your choice to farewell your loved one.
Life can be complicated, and so can relationships. Sometimes it can be hard to farewell someone with whom you had a difficult relationship. Striking a balance between honesty and goodbye isn't always easy, so I am available to design a service that is both respectful and truthful.
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